Just wanted to thank you both so much for all the hard work you have done in creating such a wonderful website for our holiday cottage – it really has exceeded all our expectations. We have already received many compliments from "people in the know" about the excellent quality of our website. - Spring Cottage New Forest

When I worked in the UK, John and his company assisted us with a number of projects since the late '90s. John is very fair in his dealings – on a couple of occasions he’s recommended alternate suppliers to me when they were best placed to fulfill our requirements. Having recently relocated to Belgium, our start-up business needed a web presence and John helped us create a professional looking website in double quick time. Having understood the urgency on our side, John stretched his working day for us, consistently beat his own ambitious deadlines, and produced quality work within a very short period of time. When we encountered technical difficulties, John solved these with patience and efficiency, regardless of whether these involve simple 'operator error' from our side, or more complex technical issues. I'm happy to recommend John to anyone in the UK or overseas requiring help with web sites or ecommerce projects. - Scope Benelux

Thank you very much for your prompt actions and professional help. The slideshow looks great! - Best regards, The Advertising Association

Stratton Technologies is a new and growing company acting as a distributor of high end scientific instruments to academia and industry. Our customers usually have a good idea of the product they want and go straight to the web to find it so a professional and easy to navigate web-site is a must. For the first few years we managed with a self written website but as our core business increases there are fewer hours in the day to keep the web content active & updated. Redleaf were recently engaged to do a makeover on the existing site and we now have a site that, in terms of presentation, puts us in the same league as many of our bigger competitors. The process was very smooth and required very little input from ourselves once the bulk of the content had been provided. With Redleaf now hosting the site and managing the content this gives us more time to focus on our core business plus means that updates take less time & effort so the website can be seen to evolve as new products & suppliers are added. - Stratton Technologies

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