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In the UK, the The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requires that companies make reasonable adjustments for disabled people to get access to their services. The key points of the DDA are:

  • Since December 1996 it has been unlawful to treat disabled people less favourably than other people for a reason related to their disability
  • Since October 1999 companies have had to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people to access their services
  • Since October 2004 companies have had to make reasonable adjustments to the physical features of their premises to overcome physical barriers to access

The DDA does not specifically mention what actions web site developers should take to ensure they comply with the act. However, the W3C does publish guidelines and these set the standard by which accessibility is judged. Regardless of the requirements of the law it makes good business sense to ensure your web site is accessible. It shows that your organisation is responsible and caring. It makes your site more search-engine friendly. And it ensures your web site is available to the huge potential audience of disabled people. In short, if you haven't assessed whether your web site follows accessibility guidleines you are legally exposed, and you're at a commercial disadvantage.

At RedLeaf we take accessibility seriously. We have extensive experience of assessing and testing websites, and providing practical solutions for improving their accessibility. When we undertake work on your web site, accessibility and usability will be at the forefront of our thinking.

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